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With Service Connector, you can...

•  Search Businesses around you
•  Search Businesses by Category
•  Category list has an Other option
•  View Address of Businesses
•  View Coordinates of Businesses
•  View Phone Numbers of Businesses
•  Navigate to any of the Businesses
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•  Add your Business, to be found by others

Add your Business for...

•  People to find you locally and nationally
•  You can add your Phone Number
•  Add a Description of your Business
•  You can add Online Businesses too
•  You can specify your Website URL
•  You can specify if you deliver
•  You can specify if you do call-outs
•  You can specify your operational days
•  Specify if you are open during Lockdown

Have a Home based Business...

•  Put yourself on the map
•  Get noticed by the Community
•  This can be a Kick-Off for your business
•  Need a Website/Software, contact us...

You don't need to have a Registered Business to add yours here
You might just have the Product/Service that someone needs!!